What a fantastic review. The MTN have always been in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t before I read this that I really started to consider getting one.

The Finer Point:

Brad once described the MTN on the Pen Addict podcast as the fountain pen of the paper world. This always stuck in my head and I think it’s completely true. Not only do you get a gorgeous leather case but you can modify the inside exactly to your liking. Simple or packed full of crafty goodness the choice is totally yours. What’s more you can pull this to pieces as many times as you like and change up how you use it. It’s an evolving system.

I think this is key. The great thing about the MTN is that you have a cover, that you can fill with what ever you want. Not unlike a fountain pen, you pick the nib type, material, size, and then the ink color, type and so on.