A Beginners Guide to Fountain Pens

November 18, 2015

I was in the middle of planning a beginners guide to fountain pens; it was one of the posts I was going to have here on day one. Then I found this article from <a href="">The Pen Addict</a>. So, I deleted it.

The following link is a excellent guide into the world of fountain pens.

<strong><a href="">The Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pens (By a True Beginner)</a></strong>:


  I have always loved the look and the mystique of fountain pens. As a writer, I have a sentimental attachment to the written word, and all things that go with it. I’ve always had a bizarre fascination with stationery stores. I own far too many notebooks, and while you would have to drag me kicking and screaming into a shopping mall, I’ll happily spend money on office supplies. As such, maybe it was a foregone conclusion that I would some day grow fond of fountain pens.


This is the best place to start if you curious, or just want to learn more about fountain pens.