The first step beyond what you find in the supply cabinet at work, or the kind of pens you can buy in bulk for not much more than you pay for a cup of coffee, is pens like for example the Pilot G2. I’m going to do a list of my favourite cheap pens at some point. But this is about three very nice pens you could get, that are a little bit, or a lot nicer.

  • Retro 51 Tornado cost $21, and is a nice starting point for everyone that starts to get an interest for pen and paper. The refill in it is fantastic, and the pen itself is fantastic both from a design perspective and from a build quality perspective.

  • Fisher Space pen Bullet is another very nice pen, it costs $20. This was the second “nice pen” I bought, but I gave it away at some point, when I moved over to fountain pens. The Retro 51 is better for those who want a clip, while the Bullet Space Pen is a much better pen if you are going to carry it in your pocket. And trust me: this thing will write anywhere.

  • Lamy 2000 Rollerball is a $100 pen. I own the fountain pen version of it, and it is without doubt my favourite pen. This is not where you start, but it is a really good option for when you want to give someone a nice pen as a gift.

There should be a good pen for everyone, and every occasion above. Either The Retro or The Space pen is a good starting point for anyone that want to dip their toes, which of them you prefer depends on the person. And the Lamy 2000 is a good choice for when you want something very nice.