The End.

25.07.2019 17:12

I have started the process of merging this site with my main blog. Having a seperation between my personal blog and this site made a lot of change back when I started it. But that is no longer the case.

  • I’ll no longer post to this site
  • All the previous posts have been copies to my main site
  • Some of the stuff I’ll post there will be stuff like what you’re used to from here. Plus a lot of other stuff.
  • This site will continue to exist as it is for the time being. At least until the domain expire, probably for another year after that.
  • But I’m going to redirect the RSS feed to my blog in a few weeks. Probably early August

Brass pens.

22.07.2019 11:58

I recently got a Ystudio fountain pen. It is a brass pen, and I love it. Especially how cool it starts to look as the black paint starts to wear off.

But there is something I really enjoy about it, and that is how the grip section warms up when you use it for a longer periods.

I do think metal pens have some great properties that you simply don’t get with pens made out of plastic materials

Some Pen / Ink combinations just dones't work.

15.07.2019 11:08

I’m mostly a one ink in all of my pens kind of person. But I have slowly been accepting that some of my pens just don’t work with all inks. Like my two Pilot pens in rotation (Metal falcon and Vanashing point) aren’t the best unless the ink is really good lubricated. So I have more or less given up using them with anyhting but Iro inks.

While all my rest have good enough flow through the feed to handle most inks.

The Pen Addict Ink

07.07.2019 21:33

I’ve been using the Pen Addict ink for a while now. It looks great. Both with a finer nib and with broader one. This is something I always look for in a ink, because some inks doesn’t look that great both.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot. But it doesn’t work the best in my Pilot pens, their feeds doesn’t flow as good as my other pens. So I use my regular Iro ink in them instead. But I use it in all my other pens.

This means that Rober Oyster migth be another ink brand that works well enough for me to get some of their inks.

But I’m not a huge of the bottles, they are not as horrible as the one Noodlers use. Still not great.

If you’re looking for a great orange ink, I’d give the Pen Addict ink a shot.

Buy with a use in mind

30.06.2019 20:23

I have written about this before, and I’m doing it again because I think it is important.

When you are going to buy something, have a sue for it, a reason for you owning it before you buy it.

I see a lot of cool pens each month, but I never buy any of them compared to how many I see. I get maybe one pen a year.

Like when I got the YStudio pen I got it because I thought it would be a great pocket pen. I know a lot of people just buy stuff and try to find a way it is useful when they have it. Every time I have done that it have ended up being something I have at my desk, until I put it away somewhere gathering dust until I throw it out.

But if I wait until I see “X would be really great for Y” then it usually end up being muc more producutive. Somtime I don’t continue using it after a while. But I have a thing I want to test it out for by the point it show up in mail.

More pens in rotation

09.06.2019 12:26

For some reason I just went a little bit nuts and inked up all the pens I love using last weekend. I’m not carrying all of them all the time, usually just two. But my plan is to rotate between them. All of them have different things I like about them

  • YStudio portable fountain pen
  • Lamy 2000
  • TWSBI Eco Broad nib
  • TWSBI Eco Stub nib
  • Pilot Vanishing Point
  • Pilot Metal Falcon

I’m not sure how long it will last. But I’m writing more with pens that I have in a long time at the moment. When I got into Pencils last year my fountain pen use went way down. But I think things are back to something more balanced now.

Another look at the Classroom Friendly

26.05.2019 06:27

I got this sharpener last summer, and I have used it close to a year now, and I do love it:

  • It has a cool and vintage look
  • It makes a perfect point every single time; that isn’t so sharp that it breaks too easy.
  • It sharpens pencils really fast.

But it isn’t perfect:

  • It leaves some tiny marks on the pencil
  • It’s noisy.
  • And it almost always leaves some pencils shavings where I use it

The marks on the pencil bothers me a little, but not that much to be honest. And I do think all the bad isn’t close to being even to all the great things about this sharpener. Seriosly. It would take me less than 5 minutes to sharp the both sides of a 12 pencils.

Five year journal

19.05.2019 10:50

Five year journals was something (I think) I first heard about on Patrick Rhone’s old podcast Enough a very long time ago. Then I have looked at them many times over the years, but I first got serious about maybe getting one between 1,5 - 2 years ago. And about 2 months ago I finally ordered one. I got one from Leuchtturm1917 in the A5 format.

A five year journal is just a thick hardbound notebook with one page per day, with a date printed on the top and divided in five.

I’m really enjoying in this far, I have not skipped a day yet, and I kind of regret not getting one earlier. What I really look forward to now is to get past the first year so I can see what I wrote on this day last year.

You have some room, but not a lot of room each day, and that have made it easy to write something each morning. But I got to admit it, I freaked out a little bit when I realized that this is FIVE years. That is a really long. And I’m also wondering how well it will hold up that long.

Comparison of the Blackwing Cores.

12.05.2019 10:57

We finally have all the Blackwing Cores as regular pencils in the lineup. I have used one box of each one (not the natural one, but one with the same core).

This is the pencils:

  • Regular Blackwing: Softest
  • Pearl: Soft
  • 602: Firm
  • Natural: Extra firm.

The regular Blackwing is a great pencil, and a great place to start because you experience how good a pencil can be. But it is way too soft to be useful as a pencil. And it smears so much it’s really messy. There are probably places it is great (art) but I don’t think it’s useful for writing.

The Pearl is still very soft, but it is firm enough to be usable for writing. It is usable, but I still think it is way too soft. Both Pearl and the Blackwing are so soft that you spend a lot of time sharpening them. I know some people like them a lot, and prefer them. This just shows how personal this is.

The 602 is the first pencil from Blackwing that I enjoy writing with. It is firm enough for it to be useful for writing.

The Natural is the firmest Blackwing pencil. And it is great for writing. Not as firm as a #2, but pretty close. If I were to use Blackwing as a regular pencil this is the only option.

The thing about a Blackwing pencil is that the finish is really premium and you feel that. And the core is smooth. They never feel scratchy. That is their main thing. They might do as soft or hard cores as long as it is still smooth.

Here is a summary of how the cores perform for me; in other words, how long can I write while twisting the pencil before it becomes dull:

  • Blackwing: 12 A5 page in my LT1917
  • Pearl 34 A5 Page in my LT1917
  • 602: 1 - 1 12 Page in my LT1917
  • Natural 1 12 - 2 Page in my LT1917.


11.05.2019 17:36

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