A5 Seed

This notebook cover have been on top of my list for a while, but when I got into Bullet Journaling at the end of the year, I decided to finally get one. Long story short, this cover will replace my Hightower. The reason I was so exited about is that it makes it a lot easier when I just want to bring my Bullet Journal somewhere and do some stuff. Instead of many it is just one.

The Seed comes in a A6 and A5 version, I got the A5 version to use with my A5 Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal. It is a cover, with a zipper, one pocket on the outside where I keep some spare Field Notes and my passport. And on the inside you have two pen loops, and a pocket for anything business card sized. Plus two pockets made to slide your notebook into. I have some of the slim Nock Index Cards, my Lamy 2000 and my Vanishing Point in it.

It is great. I love how easier it is to do some Bullet Journaling with it. There is just a lot less stuff I have to bring or take out of my bag. It’s all there. Two notes, the inner most pen kind of have to be out of it’s pocket to be comfortable to write. And you can’t have a lot of Index Cards when you start to get close to the end of your notebook.

Other than that a awesome notebook.

Syrringe filling

I have written about this before, but I’m going to do it again, because I think this is awesome.

If you have a pen that takes cartridges, you are often limited the the kind of ink you can use, unless you get a converter.

A converter is not without problems, because they often have a little bit limited capacity, at least in reality, because you can’t fill it all the way.

One way to solve this, either by re-using ink cartridges or by using a converter is by syrringe filling.

This is how I fill all my non piston pens.

I take out the cartridge or converter, then I just fill it with ink with a syrringe and stick it into the pen.

This means that you can fill it all the way up. It is not messy and super quick.

Getting syrringes from Goulet was the smartest thing I ever did. If you’re unhappy with how much ink you get into your converter you should get one.

Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method

After reading this book, I realize that it might not have been for me. At least, it got me to try a proper Bullet Journal system once again. A little bit closer to the “official” one this time. But I have many times in my life used a A5 LT or a Travelers Notebook to run my life.

I liked Part 2 of the book a lot. This is the explaination of the system itself. It was straight forward and the first time I have read about Bullet Journal where I feel like I know exactly what do to afterwards.

I have some huge problems with the current and former version of the website. The short version is that I think it is optimized for SEO, rather than usability.

I did not enjoy the rest of the book. Like I said in the beginning, it might be because it is not for me. My main problem with it is that it feels like a lot of pages, a lot of bullshit to sell my on the system.

Agan, it is probably not for me. And I don’t regret byuing the book, and I would buy it again.

Some thoughts about nibs

A little bit of history. The Pilot G2 0.7 was the pen that got me into better pens. And when that happened I soon figured out two things: I don’t like scratchy, and I like a thick solid line much better than a thin one. And I never questioned this much as I moved into fountain pens. And I still like thicker lines better than thin ones. I still like wet pens better than dry ones. And I still like a not scratchy nib better than a scratchy.

I have a Kaweco pen with a medium nib that feels a lot finer than most of the medium nibs I have used before.

Let me be perfectly clear, it is not what I prefer, but it is not bad. And there are some stuff I like about it. For example how I have a lot more control over my writing because a finer nib will naturally be more scratchy.

I might get more pens with a finer nib in the future, or I might not.

Syrringes for refilling

At some point I bought a bulb syrringe and a pack of two regular syrringes from Goulet Pens. I think they are some of the most useful tools I have as a fountain pen user.

A bulb syrringe is this rubber thing you can fill with water or air to make it a hell of a lot easier to flush a fountain pen FAST. You could do the same thing in the sink, but it would take a hell of a lot longer.

It makes it easier, and faster to clean a cartridge / converter pen, and the result is that I do it more often because it it easier.

Then you have the regular syrringe. Or it is not like the one your doctor uses, but it looks the same. You can’t actually pierce your skin with it because it is flat.

I use this syrringe for two things: refilling used cartridges in pens where I consider the coverters useless. I’m looking at you Kaweco. And for refilling converters, because I like to have them as full as possible.

The cartridge part is self explainatory, you have empty one, so you take the syrringe, fill it with water and stick the needle into the hole and press water in until it is clear. Then you take out the water with the syrringe, fill the syrringe with ink and then use it to fill the used cartridge with new ink.

But I also use the same trick to properly fill my converters. This is because if you fill them like they intend to they often are between half full and 23 full. So I just fill them all the way up and stick them into the pen.

I have links to the stuff I use below.

A short note about links and this site. I usually don’t link directly to product unless I feel like I have to. This might be because it is hard to say something like “The Lamy 2000” and everyone knows what I am talking about or because I got the product from free in return for my putting up a link.

The reason I usually don’t link is that when I do, and it is not sponsored, I feel like I’m telling you to buy this thing from that shop. Something I don’t. I think that everyone should pick the place to buy stuff from that makes the most sense for them.

This is why I usually don’t link to products.