Five year journal

May 19, 2019

Five year journals was something (I think) I first heard about on Patrick Rhone’s old podcast Enough a very long time ago. Then I have looked at them many times over the years, but I first got serious about maybe getting one between 1,5 - 2 years ago. And about 2 months ago I finally ordered one. I got one from Leuchtturm1917 in the A5 format.

A five year journal is just a thick hardbound notebook with one page per day, with a date printed on the top and divided in five.

I’m really enjoying in this far, I have not skipped a day yet, and I kind of regret not getting one earlier. What I really look forward to now is to get past the first year so I can see what I wrote on this day last year.

You have some room, but not a lot of room each day, and that have made it easy to write something each morning. But I got to admit it, I freaked out a little bit when I realized that this is FIVE years. That is a really long. And I’m also wondering how well it will hold up that long.

Comparison of the Blackwing Cores.

May 12, 2019

We finally have all the Blackwing Cores as regular pencils in the lineup. I have used one box of each one (not the natural one, but one with the same core).

This is the pencils:

  • Regular Blackwing: Softest
  • Pearl: Soft
  • 602: Firm
  • Natural: Extra firm.

The regular Blackwing is a great pencil, and a great place to start because you experience how good a pencil can be. But it is way too soft to be useful as a pencil. And it smears so much it’s really messy. There are probably places it is great (art) but I don’t think it’s useful for writing.

The Pearl is still very soft, but it is firm enough to be usable for writing. It is usable, but I still think it is way too soft. Both Pearl and the Blackwing are so soft that you spend a lot of time sharpening them. I know some people like them a lot, and prefer them. This just shows how personal this is.

The 602 is the first pencil from Blackwing that I enjoy writing with. It is firm enough for it to be useful for writing.

The Natural is the firmest Blackwing pencil. And it is great for writing. Not as firm as a #2, but pretty close. If I were to use Blackwing as a regular pencil this is the only option.

The thing about a Blackwing pencil is that the finish is really premium and you feel that. And the core is smooth. They never feel scratchy. That is their main thing. They might do as soft or hard cores as long as it is still smooth.

Here is a summary of how the cores perform for me; in other words, how long can I write while twisting the pencil before it becomes dull:

  • Blackwing: 1/2 A5 page in my LT1917
  • Pearl 3/4 A5 Page in my LT1917
  • 602: 1 - 1 1/2 Page in my LT1917
  • Natural 1 1/2 - 2 Page in my LT1917.

Ystudio portable brassing

May 05, 2019

I recently got a new pen. A YStudio Portable fountainpen; medium nib, the black one of course.

It is a brass pen, that use a standard cartridge and a standard nib. It comes with a converter, so you can just ink it up with your favourite ink. And a lot of companies like Franklin Chrisoph make nibs that fit it. I have not done that yet, but I might in the future. But I like the standard steel nib in it.

It looks really cool, and I bet it will look even coole ras some of the finish starts to wear off. It feels like unboxing an Apple product when you take the cap off, a lot resistance in the good way. And it comes with this leather string you can thread through a whole in the cap.

I think it is a great pen to have in your pocket. It is not a large pen, but not that small either, and the string is really useful when using it on the go, because you can just let the cap dangle from your thumb while writing.

Also it is heavy enough for you to never wonder where the hell it went.

A great pen, and I wonder why I havent gotten it before.

KUM Masterpiece vs Classroom firendly

April 28, 2019

The KUM Masterpiece (or the KUM longpoint sharpener, it is basically the same thing) and The Classroom Friendly are my two favourite pencil sharpeners. The former is a inexpensive, small sharpener while the latter is more expensive and not very portable. Both of them give you a great long point.

I use the Classroom friendly most of the time because it is a lot faster. But I also use it because I prefer the point it gives me. It is not as sharp as the KUM’s give you. Some people might think that is a bad thing. But I don’t, because sharpness is only a good thing if it is actually usable. And I think that the super sharp point the KUM gives me break too easy and sometimes tear the page.

Pen, pencil and paper stuff I currently use.

April 22, 2019

Just a list of all the “stuff” I currently use.

My pen and paper stash

April 21, 2019

As anyone who have read this site for a while might guess, I try to keep things minimal and I try to keep a minimal stash of unused notebooks.

  • Pencils. I buy a significant amount of pencils when I order, but then I don’t order new ones before I’m about to run out. The reason for this is that I have to order from the US to get what I want and it isn’t a huge difference in shipping if I buy two 12 packs or two 144 packs.
  • Notebooks: the notebooks I use are available from a Norwegian web site so I don’t keep a lot of spares. I get three LT1917 Bullet Journals when I start the last one, I buy a handfull of Travelers Notebook refills when I start the last one, and I buy some packs of Field Notes when I have a couple left, and the same goes for DotPads.
  • Ink: I get a new bottle when the current one is almost empty. It is too easy to get into a situation with inks where you have more than you can expect to use for the rest of your life.

Bullet Journaling with Dashplus

April 14, 2019

For as long as I have been using notebooks for managing my life, close to ten years by now, I have used Patrick Rhone’s Dashplus during most of that. It does more or less the same as the bullet journal notation. I have decided that I’m going to do my Bullet Journaling with Dash/plus instead of the standard notation. I changed this a couple of months ago. Why? No particular reason, they are very similar and there are no advatages to one over the other. But there is one huge advantage to dash/plus for me, I have used it for so long that it would take me a really long time to unlearn it. p

Some minor adjustments to how I use my Seed

April 07, 2019

I started out using both of the pen loops in the Seed, but I have since stopped doing that. I still carry two pens. But I keep on in the pocket on the outside instead. The reasons is that if I use both of them I have to use the inner most pen. Most of the time that is what I want to do, but sometimes I am using some other pen and it is kind of clumsy to have to take the inner most pen out to be able to write in my notebook.

Why I love the Golden Bear

March 31, 2019

I just finished a pack of Blackwings, and I’m back with the Golden Bear. And I really love this pencil.

Having a soft pencil feels really good, but my personal favourite is something a little bit firmer close to a HB. And the GB is just that.

It is not expensive at all. You could get 15 blackwings or 144 Golden Bears.

The thing I love about it is that it is a really good pencil, similar quality to the Blackwings, but it is not as nice. The result is that it is a lot cheaper. That means that it is easy to just carry a lot of them without it feeling very expensive.

Desk notebook

March 22, 2019

I love having a notebook on my desk where I work, currently just in the office, but I’d also have one in my home office if I worked there more than I do(close to nothing). The only requirements is that it is A5ish size, works with pencils and fountain pens, have dotgrid and ideally is the kind where I can just pull off used pages.

I ended up using Rhodia DotPads. They are awesome, and since I started to use them one of my team member have kind of taking the first step into our world by also ordering some DotPads.

I’m very happy with them. I never liked these notebooks as a regular noteobok, but they are awesome for disposable notes.