The Pen Haul: Lamy Charged Green Ink Review

The Pen Haul:

I want to start this review out right, with my honest opinion of how I like this ink. I hate it. Now let me tell you why I hate it and why you probably don’t need this ink in your collection. I luckily only picked up a pack of cartridges to try out and avoided getting a bottle that would take up unnecessary space on my desk.

That got to be the most useless ink I have ever seen.

Review: TWSBI ECO 1.1 Stub Nib.

I was very skeptical about this pen, for a very long time, and I still don’t like the cap or the top of the pen from a aesthetic point of view, but the cap is a very functional one.

This pen is also the first stub nib I have tried, and I am intrigued. The verdict thus far is that I like it for certain things, for example for writing down tasks and for when I want to make sure that what I write look good. And I know from this that I probably would love a soft and flexible gold stub nib.

I think this pen is fantastic. It feels much more solid and durable than my 580AL, and the price makes it a no brainer. I will without doubt get at least one more of them(with a different nib). You get so much bang for your buck. It is a excellent beginner pen. What I mean by beginner pen isn’t necessarily the first pen, but the pen you get when you aren’t afraid of buying a whole bottle of ink.

The thing I started to think when I first got it, and that have been stuck in my mind every single time I have been using it since is that I would rather get three ECO’s than a 580.

It is comfortable to write with, it holds enough ink and you have a lot of nib options. Which is everything I don’t like about the Pilot Metropolitan and the Lamy Safari.

If you ask me if you should order one, the answer is yes for everyone. As I touched on above, the exception might be those of you that haven’t started buying ink in bottles yet. I wouldn’t go for it as my first fountain pen, but it is a excellent second one. And it is the perfect pen to get started on piston fillers on ink on bottle.

I think everyone should get into bottled ink as fast as possible. It is much better than what you find in cartridges. First of all you can probably buy the most expensive ink available and still get more ink for your money than what you get from cartridges. The money thing was a key factor for me. But the best thing is that you have to many more options.

Goulet: The 7 Biggest Fountain Pen Mistakes


We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Having learned from the error of our own ways and from the vast amount of feedback and experiences we hear from customers, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest mistakes we see made with fountain pens. Hopefully, now that you know them, you can avoid the disastrous results…

A great list, I don’t agree that 7, is a mistake, I don’t. I guess it’s a matter of if you think a pen should look like it did out of the box, or not.

Pens! Paper! Pencils!: Whitelines Pocket Notebook Mini-Review

Pens! Paper! Pencils!:

I was really very pleasantly surprised by the Whitelines pocket notebook. The cover is strong, the design is tasteful and the paper is great.

I love Whitelines notebooks, I used to use them a lot during my first year at the University. They are utilitarian, well designed and have pretty good paper. Their design is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean it is the most beautiful notebook in the world. But it means that they have a very functional design. The thing I loved about them is that lines and grids are designed in a way where it is very easy to ignore them, and follow them when you need to.