Month: October 2017

What I expect from an A5 notebook

This is just a short list of what a A5 notebook should be like in order to be the most useful to me Lined or grid I prefer lined for long form writing and dot grid for tasks. Hardcover; because it is much more convenient when I write somewhere I don’t have a flat surface…

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Review: Code & Quill Origin

I received the [Code & Quill Origin](Code & Quill Origin Grey Dotted + Linjert A5 Hardcover Notatbok – Tudos) free of charge from Tudos for the purpose of reviewing it. This is a A5-ish notebook with dot grid on the left side and lined on the right side – what I usually call dual layout.…

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How do they hold up?

In this post I’m going to take a look how various notebooks I have used hold up in use. How does they look when they are new versus after I’m done with them. Field Notes I think Field Notes are the gold standard for notebooks that look fantastic both new and even better when they…

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