Month: September 2017

Tomoe River Paper

This is probably the most impressive kind of paper on the planet. It is super thin, or can take more or less any ink you throw at it; I think I was pouring ink at it at some point. It is the paper used in the Hobonichi Planner. But the other side of the impressive…

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When is bad paper a good idea?

Just a short one on bad paper. They come in two forms, both of them bleed like crazy. That’s what make them bad. But they come in many different thicknesses. Bad thin paper is just horrible; think Moleskine; because you get bleed through on multiple pages at a time. But. Bad think paper isn’t the…

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Lamy 2000 vs the Pilot Vanishing Point

The Lamy 2000 and the Pilot Vanishing Point are probably the two most common “first expensive” fountain pen for many. They are two very different pens, and what makes each of them great is also very different. What makes both of them great are the fantastic nibs and you get a lot for your money.…

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