Month: September 2016

Why I don’t organise my notebooks.

I’m not that into organising “stuff” into folders or compartments. I don’t do it more than I have to digitally or analogue. The reason I never do it is that what I am going to look for when I need it is almost always different from what I would have categorised it as. My approach…

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We need handwriting.

Articles like this always drive me nuts. We still use hand writing a lot in our daily lives, even though it doesn’t have the same role as it used to have. The author uses one of the most ignorant and idiotic arguments I have seen in a very long time: But as a left-hander with…

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How to ask the right questions

I think we have established that buying every cool thing that shows up isn’t really my thing. But I do buy stuff when I need them. And this is about how I go forward to figure out what I need. The first step is that you need to start out with a different starting point…

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